Department of Biological and Geonomical Sciences

The mission of the Department of Biological and Geonomical Sciences is to prepare qualified specialists for education, research, socio-economic activities with participation in national and international projects. The training of qualified specialists takes place in the following programs: Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology and Geography in the First Cycle of University Education - Bachelor and at the Programs: Molecular Biology; Environmental Sciences; Regional and rural development. Bioeconomy and ecological economy - in the second cycle of education - Master.
The main objectives of the Department are:

  • training of professional competences through fundamental, theoretical and practical training in the field of biological, physical and environmental sciences;
  • training research skills in the mentioned sciences;
  • cultivating the ethical and moral qualities of the specialist.

Graduates of the above-mentioned specialties will be able to work as researchers in various fundamental research institutes: institutes with an applied profile (public health, environmental protection, agriculture, biotechnology, meteorology, etc.); specialists in specialized environmental agencies; specialists in certain industrial branches; specialists in sanitary units; specialists in central or regional environmental ecological inspectorates, diagnostic centers; professors of biology, ecology, geography, etc.
Thus, the department aims to contribute effectively to the promotion of scientific research and the integration of the results obtained in the world heritage of values. At the same time, the mission of the Department also contributes to the (optional) teaching of specialists who will have the opportunity to become a teacher of biology, geography, ecologhy and environmental.
Through the above, the mission of the Department contributes to defining the Mission of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in this field.




Ilie Boian

associate professor,
head of the Department