Department of Chemistry, Mathematics and Informatics

The Department of Chemistry, Mathematics and Informatics carries out its activity within the Faculty of Exact Sciences starting 2008. The Department ensures the study support for the cycle I and cycle II for such majors as Chemistry, Mathematics and Informatics and offers educational services for the majors under the cycle I Biology, Molecular Biology, Ecology and Geography.

The objectives of the teaching staff under the Department are as follows: ensuring a quality basis for the support of training process, familiarization of students with opportunities for personal development and the strengthening of qualities for continuous and mindful training, training of professional competences via basic, theoretical and practical training in the area of exact sciences; developing research skills, cultivating of ethical and moral qualities of the specialist.

The mission of the Department is to train specialists for teaching, research, socio-economic activities, as well as developing scientific school.



Velișco Natalia

university lector,
head of the Department

Daniela Palamari