The University of the Academy of Sciences maintains a material and technical base that ensures quality educational and research processes, offering optimum conditions for the organization of courses (undergraduate, graduate) and scientific, cultural, sports events, etc. Additionally, the UnASM benefits from resource materials of partner institutions to the scientific cluster UniverScience, for example, technology parks and incubators, the central scientific library “Andrei Lupan”, the catering company “Chrysanthemum” , and “Preventoriu” SOE. Research institutes offer advanced bases (workshops, laboratories, experimental fields, etc.) supplied with equipment and technology necessary for conducting effective internships.


Classrooms and workshops are supplied with appropriate furniture and educational technology (computers, projectors, interactive electronic boards, etc.) that facilitate educational activity. Educational and research laboratories are equipped with specialized furniture, ventilation systems, illustrative material, reagents, and modern equipment corresponding to the field of study. Laboratories assure professional training in the field of natural sciences and are equipped with …


The educational process is supported by multimedia resources designated for assisting students in the development of skills and provide efficient tools that meet the current labor market demands.
The UnASM has multimedia rooms (five) equipped with computers (85) connected to the Internet, video projectors (five), audio systems (four), video conferencing system, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, etc.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Facilities include the following:

  • wireless Internet access
  • advising on the academic route (educational process, scientific presentation sessions, symposia and conferences, mobility, events, etc.) via an accessible web interface (http://www.edu.asm.md/index.php)
  • access to electronic libraries
  • educational platform (http://e-learning.unasm.asm.md/)  
  • LabVIEW software package allows creating measurement tools, virtual experiment simulation, technological processes, assures preparation for and implementation of unique projects in various science areas
  • videoconferencing system used to organize conferences, training sessions, seminars involving students, professors, and scholars from abroad


The UnASM Library offers a variety of books, manuals, periodicals, fiction literature, artistic literature, specialized literature (biology, natural sciences, chemistry, physics, physiology, psychology, jurisprudence), guides, dictionaries (Romanian, English, Russian, French, etc.), and is being completed with copies printed by the University or received as donations. The UnASM faculty and students have free access to the central scientific library “Andrei Lupan”, which provides ten specialized reading rooms readers and about 267,446 bibliographic records. In addition to traditional document collections (in print) and in electronic format, readers have access to electronic libraries (Springerlink, Agora, Hinare, Sage Research Methods Online, etc.).


The University has a large sports center located in the university town (62/6 Gh. Asachi St.), which provides for the academic process, organizing physical training, and sports competitions. The center includes a specialized hall for ball games – basketball, volleyball; tennis court; gym; aerobics room; resting room; changing rooms, and toilet facilities.