Tutoring and guidance

Education, professional development, career –
pillars of a prosperous society

This page is addressed to high school students who wish to continue their studies at university, students, graduates, and potential employers of the UnASM.

The mission to assist in the educational offer of the UnASM and employment opportunities, and developing skills that facilitate employment, etc., is the responsibility of tutoring and professional guidance staff from departments.


Promoting the image of the University

  • informing candidates on the UnASM academic offer (presentations in schools,
  • undergraduate and postgraduate academic fairs, Open Doors Day)
  • updating the UnASM webpage – ADMISSIONS
  • development of advertising and updates on informative materials (posters, brochures) for relevant websites (www.admitere.md, www.studentie.md)
  • organizing the online competition “Today student –tomorrow student”
  • inquiry of the demands of high school students from the UnASM departments and majors

Academic advising

  • providing information on the credit system, regulations of the UnASM, accommodation, scholarships, educational resources, etc.
  • assisting students in choosing their individual study route for acquiring skills and abilities necessary for a better integration in the labor market
  • counseling students and graduates in professional training issues: Master’s and doctoral programs, postgraduate courses, and other professional opportunities (internships, scholarships, etc.)
  • consulting in obtaining scholarships (eg., nominal merit), offered by various national and international organizations
  • identifying general trends on the labor market, candidate skills required by employers (employer/employee surveys for the purpose of writing CV)

Professional development consulting

  • consulting students in the development of skills facilitating employment (drafting CV, cover letters/motivation letters, thank you letters, selection interviews, etc.)
  • promote student involvement in volunteer activities, NGOs
  • development of employer-employee relationship (organization of training sessions, seminars, interviews with participating employers, internships, vacation jobs)
  • information on employment opportunities (including national and/or international projects); ASM institutes, etc.
  • registration of students interested in finding a job throug a database that can be offered to employers upon request
  • providing feedback on professional performance of graduates
  • organization of seminars for the development of competences and skills that contribute to increasing opportunities on the labor market (eg., career management, teamwork skills, time management, etc.)


  • self-evaluation of personal skills for aspired profession
  • accurate and timely informing on educational offers proposed by various institutions of higher education
  • developing an action plan, including the steps to be taken (additional courses, CV, interview, etc.)
  • identifying employment opportunities
  • developing the employment file (cover letter, CV, letter of recommendation, etc.)
  • forming an appropriate attitude for presentation at a job interview
  • awareness of the importance of time planning
  • development of self image
  • developing the capacity for self-analysis
  • informed about legislative provisions on employment and working conditions