The meeting of the scientific circle BIOS on ,,Personalized cancer diagnosis”

On Wednesday, 3rd of February was held the meeting of the Circle BIOS on: "Personalized cancer diagnosis" led by PhD student Tutuianu Valeriu working in the Immunogenetics Laboratory of the Institute of Oncology. The meeting was attended by the students of the faculty of Natural Sciences, the Ist – IIIrd year, at Biology and Molecular Biology Specialties.
During this public lecture it were presented to the students the basic methods applied in the laboratory and the equipment that makes possible to do the necessary investigations. Thus they were mentioned the working principles of the NGS new generation sequencer, and of the HMP-PCR and RT-PCR devices performing polymerase chain reaction. In this respect the students found out about the major genes involved in the occurrence of different types of cancer, about how they are amplified and analyzed in order to further identify mutations that would make possible the indication of a personalized treatment of the patients. There have also been shown the ways of computer analysis of data and the necessity to have fundamental knowledge in the field of bioinformatics.
The students took knowledge of current tendencies in the study of cancer genetics as well as knowledge about the common problems that arise in the process of studying this pathologies. The speaker mentioned some contemporary ideas that were discussed in the scientific circles related to innovative ideas and which would revolutionize the personalized medicine and the genetic study of lung cancer, colorectal hereditary non-polyposis and chronic myeloid leukemia. They were presented some relevant examples that have facilitated the understanding of the new methods. The students actively got involved in the discussions, showing an obvious interest in new tendencies of genetic diagnosis of cancer related diseases.

Turcan Doina
Higher laborant at the Biology Department