Research, PhD program, Life-long Learning


Department of Research, PhD program, Life-long Learning  is a subdivision of the university, established in accordance with Decision of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development no. 1 of 18.01.2012 and its mission is to provide a system of quality education and research in higher education achievement doctoral third cycle, and continuous staff training program in science and innovation organizations of ASM.


  • Section develo instructional materials, regulations, orders, rules on the organization of the training process of scientific doctoral, post-doctoral and continuing training.
  • Collaborates with scientific institutes of the ASM, Doctoral Schools Council in the person of the Director, and doctoral supervisors, in order to implement the provisions of the Regulation on the organization of doctoral and postdoctoral studies, Doctoral School Rules and Regulation on continuous training.
  • Organize doctoral training in advanced general education program.
  • Wearing responsibility for organizing admission to doctoral and postdoctoral studies.
  • Conclude contracts of doctoral studies, keep control of signature by the parties to the contract.
  • Keep records of contingent of PhD students, postdoctoral and doctoral supervisors.
  • Exerts strict control on the mobility of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral contingent.
  • Elaborate, together with science and innovation organizations of the ASM, continuous training programs of scientists from within those institutions.
  • Provides quality educational training in educational standards and normative acts on the organization of training.
  • Establish the needs for continuing training of scientific personnel.
  • Establish training modules and draw their deployment schedule.
  • Select teams of trainers for training courses.