Cristina ANANIA, Viorel VULTURESCU, Romania


During the period from 26 to 27 May 2016 the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova organized (under the "Invited Professors Program".) in partnership with the Center for International Projects of ASM the training courses "The process of accessing and financial management of Horizont 2020 projects". Beneficiaries were deputy directors, scientific secretaries, chef accountants and economists from scientific and innovation organizations of ASM. The lessons were moderated by international trainers, experts Cristina Anania and Viorel Vulturescu, Northeast Regional Studies Center, Romania, Piatra Neamt. The courses themes were focused on accessing, management and administration of Horizont 2020 projects and financial management of Horizont 2020 projects. Within the courses were presented ways of making correct investment decisions at the organizations management level. Participants received international participation certificates. The organization of those courses was possible due to the financial support offered under the European Commission Grant Agreement "Financial support for Moldova's participation in EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020".