Educational Offer

Cycle I (Bachelor’s Degree)

General area of study - 22 Humanities
Area of professional training – 222 Languages and literature
Specialty – 222.1 Romanian Language and Literature, English language
Total number of study credits – 180
Title obtained – Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The Specialty provides major training in the field of Romanian Language and Literature, along with the study of English language, in such a way that students progress not only in the direction of teaching professionalism which is limited in terms of information, but also towards the condition of an intellectual who is open-mined and responsive to wide horizons of knowledge, of multilingual and multi-cultural communication, of artistic creation, of information communication and culture.

The syllabus for the specialty Romanian Language and Literature, and English Language implies the best correlation between basic subjects that provide for the acquiring of basic skills (phonetics, grammar, general linguistics and comparative linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, old and pre-modern Romanian literature, modern Romanian literature, modernism, introduction into the theory of literature, universal literature , English language lexicology) and the specialization subjects that ensure the acquiring of specific and specialty skills (contrastive grammar, socio-linguistics, language philosophy, stylistics and Romanian language cultivation, linguistic semiotics / literary semiotics, literary criticism, linguistic analysis of an artistic text, literary-esthetical interpretation of the text, intercultural communication, English language and grammar, interpretation of English text, semantics of English language, English text semiotics, theory and practice of translation, English text typology, consecutive interpretation)