Studies at the 1st cycle end up by defending the Bachelor’s thesis. The last is prepared in accordance with the methodological guide “Requirements for drafting, presentation and evaluation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses”.


  • Fully completed program of study
  • Filled transcript card containing the marks for each discipline and the signature of the responsible lecturer (presented to the dean’s office at the end of the regular session)
  • • A copy of the ID card (presented at the dean’s office at the end of the regular session)


  • Publishing the results: 48 hours after the exam
  • Submitting the appeals: 24 hours after publishing the results
  • Results of the appeals: 48 hours after submitting the appeals



At the end of the 1st cycle of studies, students are given the title of Bachelor in a certain area if they:

  • prove advanced knowledge and skills in the study area according to the program;
  • can apply gained knowledge in a professional manner;
  • prove the ability to argue and solve problems related to their study area;
  • have the ability to collect, interpret and analyze their own research results, drawing relevant social, scientific or ethical proposals and conclusions;
  • can convey information, ideas problems and solutions to both specialists, as well as to non-specialists;
  • have acquired skills which allow them to continue education with a high degree of independence and self-instruction;
  • know and can apply at least one foreign language in the process of study and research;
  • have the necessary computer skills;
  • prove teamwork skills, depending on the requirements of the moment.