On 11th of March, 2016, the Assistant Professor, Dr. Irina Stepanov (Division of Environmental Health Sciences Masonic Cancer Center University of Minnesota, Minneapolis) held a public lecture on "Biomarkers in Public Health: Development and Applications" under the "Invited Professors Program" developed by the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
At the seminar were discussed the main types of biomarkers, their features and application, the collection of biological samples and the identification of biomarkers in these samples, the usage of biomarkers to study the influence of environmental factors on human health, the application of biomarkers in the study of tobacco carcinogenesis, applying NNK and NNN biomarkers, the TSNA influence regarding the risk of cancer apperance, the study of oxidative DNA miners damage etc.
In order to organize the future seminars was proposed the following list of topics:
Biomarker development strategies
Mass-spectrometry analyses of biomerkers
DNA adducts as biomarkers
Biomarkers of exposure and metabolism in tobacco research
Inflammatory biomarkers.
The meeting moderator was Dr. Natalia Velisco.

At the event were present Dr. Velisco Natalia, Martea Rodica Tuesdays and students of Ist and IIIrd year from Chemistry and Molecular Biology specialties.