Jaechon PARK


On 7th of June 2016, UnASM was visited by the professor Jaechon PARK from Inha University, Incheon, South Korea, who presented a public lecture on "KOREAN IT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT TIMELINE" within the "Invited Professors Program". The video recording of the event mentioned done by ISDI is fully available here, for those who want to create an integrative vision about the successful model of Korean Information and Communication Technologies Industry.

The lecture was held under the GLOBAL ICT POLICY course, which started from March 9, lasts 16 weeks and is organized with no fee by the UnASM, due to the support of KF Global e-School Program.

The connection of the students from the Republic of Moldova with Inha University is realized in the video conference room of UnASM where participants have the opportunity to discuss on-line with the professor and acquire new knowledge in global ICT policy. Thus, the meeting with the professor invited was a unique opportunity to update and strengthen knowledge acquired during the study period, being a significant one due to interactivity and direct dialogue with the professor from the South Korea.

However, within the event, students who attended the course received certificates of participation from the organizers for the successful completion of activities planned, that were solemnly handed by the rector, academician Maria Duca and the important guest.