Research directions


Basic and applied scientific areas

  • The study of structure, functioning, sequences and productivity of natural ecosystems under the conditions of anthropic in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Evaluation of status of ecosystems and development of environment auditing procedures for the ecosystems.
  • Environment protection and the reasonable use of natural resources.
  • Water resources and their quality, hydrologic projections.
  • The quantitative projection of environment pollution, development of methods for localizing and reducing pollution.
  • Development of Geo-informational system for environment and natural resources.
  • Management of disasters and climate risks in Moldova.
  • Evaluation of agro-climatic potential via Geo-informational system.


Basic and applied scientific areas

  • Study of dynamics and highlighting of trends related to change components of ecosystems and geo-systems under the influence of natural and anthropic factors.
  • Study of interdependence relations of geographical landscapes in the local and regional context.
  • Developing the methodology of evaluation of geo-ecological potential of geographic landscapes.
  • Evaluation of degree of environmental stability of geographical landscapes.
  • Remote sensing and Geographic Informational system for the mapping of space and time changes of geographical landscapes.
  • Dynamics and regime of groundwater in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Evaluation of factors that prompt the emergence of unfavorable geo-environmental situations.
  • Optimizing structures of geo-systems with a view to ensuring their steady functioning.
  • Developing the Geo-informational system for environment and natural resources.
  • Developing a database for the integrated monitoring.
  • Harmonization of national legislation, regulations and standards in the area of environment with the EU and the international requirements.
  • Modeling of future climate status, evaluation of uncertainties and climate change risks and highlighting the regional specifics under the influence of human activity.
  • Climate disaster and risk management in Moldova.
  • Hydrologic monitoring of surface water and protection against flooding in the area of Prut river.
  • Cartographic modeling of regional climate parameters.
  • Evaluation of agro-climate potential via the Geographic Informational System.