Theme of the theses

Modified coal for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from water. 
The environmental state of surface waters and ground water in the town of Cahul
Adaptation of atomic absorption method for determination of total Fe in coordinative compounds 
The study of physical and chemical properties of Enoxil fractions. 
Synthesis of new compounds with terpene structural and aza-heterocyclic units.
Sintones based on dynamic compounds obtained by oxidative degradation
Unconventional procedures in the ozonation reaction
Synthesis of some isobornyl-phenols with potential antioxidant properties
Synthesis of new amino derivatives of tartaric acid with potential antioxidant properties.
Evaluation of chemical composition of water sources from the village of Tirnava, Edinet rayon.
The study of physical and chemical properties of active coal obtained from plant products
The study of the process of removal of excess of harmful ions from water

City street lighting system based on the photovoltaic cells
Geothermal heating system for public building
Irrigation system based on the wind-energy generation facility
Technologies for obtaining filiform nanostructures
Thermo-electric efficiency in Bi single crystal nanowires and its alloys in glass insulation under the impact of magnetic field
Interface electronic states in topological insulator structures
Neutron reflectometry of the magnetic structure of thin filmed manganites
Individual and collective properties of 2D magnetic excitons taking into consideration Rashba type spin-orbit coupling
Cooperative effects between non-equidistant radiators via the Thermalized Electro-Magnetic Field.