Theme of the theses


  1. Trisca Corina. Gender Opposition in Various Languages
  2. Cobzac Marina. The Linguistic Situation and its Typology in a Given Community
  3. Taban M. The Status and the Social Roles of Participants in communication and their Reflection in the Language
  4. Morari C. The cant speech and its effects
  5. Dicusar C. Linguistic policy and linguistic pluralism
  6. Lupusor M. Reflection of image of the woman and man in the language
  7. Gandrabura Galina. The status of Moldovan regionalisms within the Dacian-Romanian dialect.
  8. Ciobanu Doina. Linguistics diversity of EU in the context of globalization
  9. Cotruta Alina. Publius Ovidius Naso – bibliophile values in the Central Scientific Library
  10. Ivantoc T. The functional-stylistic categories of the Romanian lexicon.
  11. Olaras D. Temporal differentiation of lexicon.
  12. Mardari V. Social differentiation of lexicon
  13. Lepadatu Maria. The theatre of the XX century: the theatre of the absurd
  14. Cuzan Carolina. The existentialism in literature
  15. Popusoi Victoria. The English epistolary novel
  16. Pancu Ioana. The concept of wedding in the Romanian culture
  17. Juc Ana. Ion Budai-Deleanu “Tiganiada”. Local folklore structures: myths, beliefs and rituals.


  1. Samotescul Cristina. The translation of proper names from English into Romanian in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” de J. Rowling
  2. Jaloba Dansica. Translation of subtitles and the dubbing of movies from English into Romanian
  3. Burlacu Oxana. Anglicisms in local fashion magazines
  4. Stirbu C. Mass-media language and correct speech
  5. Adauge A. Internet jargon in the students’ language
  6. Gorohova E. The typology of bilingualism in the contemporary society
  7. Lungu D. Onomatology in the era of globalization
  8. Mardari O. Non-verbal communication in the public space
  9. Vasilos Cristina. The creative spirit of Romanian literature
  10. Corobceanu El . Dialectal medium and improvement of language
  11. Rauţchi Victoria.  Multilingualism – tool for intercultural dialogue
  12. Balan O. Ways to enrich the vocabulary of Romanian language
  13. Zamurca S. Expressionism in arts
  14. Stati Viorica. Prometheus’ myth in the universal literature
  15. Grecu Elena. The motif of downfall into the Inferno in Virgil
  16. Chicaros Ilinca. The novel of A. Busuioc: defining features
  17. Pisarenco Liliana. The category of tense in English language and Romanian Language.