Initial internship
Internships, performed by the students within the specialty Romanian Language and Literature and the English language, represent the follow-up on theory and practical classes in a more extended way, with a view to identifying the further area of research.  The initial internship aims at developing general skills for students for this given specialty, aims at providing information regarding the areas of development that currently emerge in linguistics, regarding the processes that prompt the evolution of linguistics (grammar, phonology, lexicology, stylistics, translation, history of language, methodology of intensive learning of language) and contemporary literature (universal and Romanian). During the internship, the students get acquainted with the directions of research and the current trends in philology. Based on the interests and personal motivation of students, they identify the field of research and the scientific coordinator in order to carry out a number of activities and to collect material for the yearly projects and the degree paper, as well as for the follow-up on courses/research in case the eligibility criteria are met and the personal motivation.
Upon completion of internship the student works out a yearly work paper (20-25 pages), which represents a scientific report on an issue in the field that, later, shall be developed into the yearly thesis and the degree paper and will cover: the current type of the chosen topic, goal and objectives, literary resources, suggestions and recommendations, reference list. 
The projects shall be defended in public, via a speech of 5-7 minutes. Upon evaluation of student, the following requirements shall be taken into consideration: performing the tasks anticipated by the internship program, mandatory attendance of internship by the student, the grades for the evaluation shall be expressed as admitted/ rejected.

Specialty internship
The specialty internship is carried out within the Institute for Philology of ASM as well as other subdivisions of ASM in the field, within the UnASM, the Library of ASM A. Lupan. The internship is carried out under the guidance of person in charge with internship in close cooperation with the science tutor, who participates in evaluation of the topics of yearly papers for students, in identifying and finalizing the goals and objectives of research, in analyzing the methodology of research.  Upon completion of specialty internship, the student shall provide a report to the Department. The report shall cover a description of activities during the internship time-period, the portfolio of the internship on translation and the yearly paper.  
The yearly paper represents an activity provided by the internship curriculum that is meant to develop skills for theoretical and practical research, skills for professional training of a student, skills for extending the knowledge in an area of study, with a view to performing a research based on a current problem. The topics of the theses are provided by the end of the autumn semester. The student chooses the topic according to his/her scientific interests. The yearly papers are performed under the guidance of the scientific coordinator, in accordance with areas of research of the Departments or other tasks related to training or application.   
The topic of the thesis shall reflect the issues of theoretical interest and practical interest for the area of research; the author shall add value and apply the acquired knowledge; shall underline the student contribution in solving practical issues deriving from the topic.