World class scientist - Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Academy of Science of Moldova

On April 30, 2014 during the Session of the Senate of the UnASM, there occurred the Ceremony of awarding of Doctor Honoris Causa insignia to professor, PhD in biology, Director of Institute for Research on Plants of the Russian Federation “N. I. Vavilov”, Sankt-Petersburg, Mr. Nicolai DZIUBENCO. 
Via the unanimous decree of the Senate of December 16, 2013, for the remarkable achievements in research and science development, for the contribution in extending knowledge in the area of agricultural and biological sciences, as well as for extending and strengthening the Moldovan and Russian scientific relationships, the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa of UnASM was awarded to Professor DZIUBENCO.
The leadership of UnASM attended the event, as well as academicians, directors of Institutes of ASM, representatives of academic environment of Republic of Moldova, members of the UnASM Senate, as well as the PhD students of the University.
The ceremony was chaired by the academician Maria DUCA, Rector of UnASM, that has emphasized the great honor of receiving the high guest into the community of UnASM. The traditional Laudatio has been delivered by the Doctor in Biology, Daniela ELENCIUC, the dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences of UnASM.
While being welcomed with applauses, professor Nikolai DZIUBENCO has been awarded the Diploma, the robe and the toque of Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Academy of Science. In his turn, professor Nicolai DZIUBENCO has thanked all the attendees mentioning that he was deeply touched by the opportunity to visit Chisinau during those nice days of spring, to be able to contribute to intensifying the scientific cooperation and research between the academic communities of Russian Federation and Republic of Moldova, to make science popular and to participate in the exchange of knowledge, technologies and experimental materials. The Professor has delivered the Oratio gratitudinis, entitled “Genetic resources of crop plants: past, present and future.

By the end of the event, various scholars and researchers, representatives of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, have expressed their warm congratulations to Professor DZIUBENCO and have wished him good luck and achievements  in the future. Also, an exchange of seed material of sun-flower and an agreement for cooperation was signed that provides for the creation of a virtual laboratory of the Center for Molecular Biology of UnASM and the Center for Technical Cultures of the Institute of Phytotechny “N. I. Vavilov”, Sankt-Petersburg.
The ceremony has occurred in a friendly atmosphere and special warmth.