The International Conference “Life Sciences in the Dialogue of Generations: Connections between Universities, Academia and Business Community”

 On March 25, 2016 The International Conference LIFE SCIENCES IN THE DIALOGUE OF GENERATIONS: CONNECTIONS BETWEEN UNIVERSITIES, ACADEMIA AND BUSINESS COMMUNITY will be held within the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The Conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of foundation of first research institutions of the ASM and the 55th anniversary of the inauguration of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

All the scientific researchers and specialists who work in the field of biological sciences, including researchers are in the process of training (students, master students, PhD students) are invited to present their own works (abstracts and posters).

The Conference is held by the Natural Sciences Faculty, the Center of Functional Genetics (CFG), the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Doctoral School, the Geonomic Sciences Doctoral School within the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and consists of the following sections:

Current Aspects and Prospects in

  1. Plant Breeding

  2. Biomedicine

  3. Bioinformatics

  4. Climatic change

  5. Food Safety

  6. Ecology and Genofond Protection

The major aim of this Conference is to ensure an efficient dialogue and the rendering of knowledge and experience from famous local and foreign scientists to junior researchers (master and PhD students from different institutions).
Another aspect of the event focuses on making the connection between business and scientific research.

The check-in procedure will be completed on-line by submitting of the Application Form  by February 15, 2016.

The abstracts (on a A5 paper) must be submitted via an e-mail to by February 15, 2016.

The works of the Conference will be published in a compilation that will be edited by the time of the Conference opening.

The presentation of works for publication and the drawing up of the posters will be completed in English.
Details on the Congress can be found in the First Announcement.

Additional Information: 
Tel. (+373 22) 73 74 33, 73 74 50.