The Xth International Congress of Geneticists and Breeders

During the period at 28 June to 1 July over 350 members of the national and international scientific community met under the Tenth International Congress of geneticists and Breeders. The event highlighted a wide range of achievements in the field, and participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest results of their colleagues in the country and abroad. In this scientific forum was attended 127 delegates from 14 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, UK, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey, USA) which accounted for 17 universities and 32 research institutions. Among foreign participants include outstanding specialists in the field, such as: Acad. Dragan Skoric (Serbia); Prof. Otmar Spring (Germany), Dr. Ilya Denev (Bulgaria), Prof. Markus Pasterk (Austria); Dr. Calin Deleanu (Romania); Prof. Nicholas Dziubenko (Russian Federation); Prof. Yalcin Kaya (Turkey), Prof. Alina Midro (Poland) etc. At the opening of the Congress with a greeting message came Acad Maria Duca, President of Scientific geneticists and Breeders Association in Moldova, rector of the University of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Dr. Valentina Stratan, Deputy Chairman of the Parlamentary Committee on Social Protection, Health and Family, researcher in immunology and genetics of the Oncology Institute of Moldova Dr. Lilia Bolocan, general director of AGEPI, Deputy Minister of Environment, Dragos Cimpoieş, Acad. Stanislav Groppa, Vice President ASM. In the plenary session participants heard 10 scientific, supported by famous scientists from Moldova and abroad.

The day after the International Congress of geneticists and Breeders continued work in 5 sections: 
General and Molecular Genetics;
Human and Medical Genetics;
Genetics and Plant Breeding;
Genetics and animal amelioration;
Plant and animal biotechnology,

where they were presented more than 40 reports and over 100 posters, which reflected outstanding achievements in the field.
At the end of the session, participants adopted a resolution, which reflected the achievements and issues tackled within the Congress and the problems to be solved in the future. At the same event for another term of four years, as chairman of Geneticists and Breeders Association in Moldova, with a unanimous vote, was re-elected Acad. Maria Duca.

In the third working day of the Congress participants visited the Botanical Garden and Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection, University Academy of Sciences, familiarize themselves with the achievements of these research institutions.